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A better alternative for the mindful traveller

In 2017 a couple of travel enthusiasts decided that today's luggage options weren't as good as possible. With a passion for great design, the environment, and adventures, they decided to step up and create what they found missing. That is how Project Kin came to be.

Today we are a luggage brand focusing on sustainability, high quality, practicality, and stunning nordic design. We have collaborated with our favorite designers to create Nordic-inspired designs that can be used for years and goes with everything.

After lots of research and experimenting, we came up with the first hard-case suitcase in history that doesn't use pollutive plastic. With today's climate change, a little goes a long way; therefore, we know that traveling can damage the planet in multiple ways, and choosing the better option where we can, makes a positive impact.

Travel for the soul

We believe that traveling is good for the mind and soul and, in some situations, a necessity. It fuels us with inspiration and teaches us about the world and its many inhabitants. However, compared to just a few years ago, there is a more thoughtful way of traveling, and that movement is why we are here!

We have used all our products ourselves and tested them to make sure they can handle whatever their trips throw at them. We have worked hard to get the highest quality and ensure our products can last for many years to come.

A sustainable journey

Join us and be a part of changing the traveling industry into a more sustainable one - while also making your travels more practical and stylish.

Now for the real question; Where is your next travel destination, and doesn't a grand adventure deserve the company of a great bag?